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hello! i am a computer programmer in the land of rising sun. This is as much as i can make as a personal web site. Yes, I am lazy.

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  - NSString+FMNumberFormatter.m       NSString category for formatting numbers easily with optional NSNumberFormatter settings as block   - NSString+FMAdditions.h       NSString Categories for localization, formatting, regex   - NSDate+Formatters.h       a few NSDateFormatter helpers for Objective-C   - UIImage+Retina4.h         - xCodeGitRevision.sh       Shell script to be used in build phases in xCode, so it will inject git revision and stuff into bundle   - nonBreakingExplode.php       Replacement for php's built-in explode function, doesn't break quotes, etc.   - mem.class.php       Easy to use memcache proxy class for php   - NSBaseConversion.mm       Objective-C Base Conversion   - FMConfigurationManager.php       Simple JSON Configuration Manager   - putio.sh       Simple Bash Script to download files from your put.io account Usage: putio.sh "https://put-io-download-link"   - onMainQueue.mm       simple function for running UI Updates (or anything) on main thread for Cocoa. Can be useful if you have a callback you are not sure it always runs on main thread.   - php-query-string.php       PHP Functions for parsing & building query strings, in a better way than http_build_query or parse_str does.   - vmstat-parser.php       PHP Function for parsing vmstat output   - html-php-date-picker.php       Date Picker Select Generator for HTML & PHP   - php-html-attr-parser.php       php script for parsing html element attributes
1st Sep 2011 tumblr blog (starting with japan visit) 12th July 2010 rejection page for old browsers (in turkish) download ( screenshot ) 5th July 2010 grab frames from video using mplayer mplayer video.mpg -osdlevel 0 -ss 57 -ao null -frames 1 -vo jpeg:outdir=framesDirectory/ -vf scale -zoom -xy 150 -ss 57 means; take frames beginning from 57th second. -frames 1 means; take just 1 frame (that will probably be: framesDirectory/00000001.jpg) -vf scale -zoom -xy 150 means; use 'scale' filter, and set width to 150px and height accoringly. 17th May 2010 finally published minf beta minf.org 15th May 2010 refusal here (video) 5th April 2010 innovationbox web site online. 12th November 2009 basic mastermind-like game implementation in c download (c source and macosx intel binary) 11th March 2009 a working patched dsdt file for acer aspire 2920z here