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hello! i am a computer programmer, currently in Tokyo/Japan.

twitter @furkanmustafa
github furkanmustafa / gist/snippets
email me at furkanmustafa dot net ( gpg pubkey 0xF6D69C3DA3A6B9AA )
resume here
works at rainlab + Creation Line + InnovationBox
member at alternatifbilisim + fsf

16th Apr 2018 updated homepage slightly Mar 2018 got rid of systemd shit. Feb 2018 tried snowboard for the first (and second) time. Okay, it was fun. Dec 2017 changed company to rainlab Jan 2017 started working with Creationline Inc, doing devops and infrastructure consulting Apr 2015 started working with Automagi, implementing big web applications Nov 2014 started working with Mytrax (RIP as of 2017), doing Laravel, iOS and infrastructure works 2013 went back to using GNU/Linux on my personal computer, finally. 26th Dec 2012 founded ui studio @tokyo 1st Sep 2011 tumblr blog (starting with japan visit) 12th Jul 2010 rejection page for old browsers (in turkish) download ( screenshot ) 5th Jul 2010 grab frames from video using mplayer mplayer video.mpg -osdlevel 0 -ss 57 -ao null -frames 1 -vo jpeg:outdir=framesDirectory/ -vf scale -zoom -xy 150 -ss 57 means; take frames beginning from 57th second. -frames 1 means; take just 1 frame (that will probably be: framesDirectory/00000001.jpg) -vf scale -zoom -xy 150 means; use 'scale' filter, and set width to 150px and height accoringly. 17th May 2010 finally published minf beta minf.org 15th May 2010 refusal here (video) 5th Apr 2010 innovationbox web site online. 12th Nov 2009 basic mastermind-like game implementation in c download (c source and macosx intel binary) Apr 2009 alternatifbilisim.org 11th Mar 2009 a working patched dsdt file for acer aspire 2920z here